Every year, The Rays the Mark Foundation reviews the careers and lives of countless individuals who have dedicated themselves to serving the greater good. Our Annual Honoree is selected based on a wide range of criteria ranging from personal adversity and professional accomplishments, to charitable contributions, community involvement, and many other factors. 

Read more about this year’s Raise The Mark Foundation Honoree, Sonny Gordon, and the many contributions he has made to help better the lives of those around him.   


Sonny Gordon

The Rays the Mark Foundation embraces people who have had a positive impact on society, who through their kindness, passion, and purposefulness, ‘raise the mark’ and make the world a more powerful place.

The foundation is committed to honoring those that have honored the world when they need it the most.

The 2022 Rays the Mark Foundation honoree is Sonny Gordon. Sonny is a natural born leader, leading by example through dedication, and with respect and gratitude always on display.

At an early age, Sonny began leading a life of excellence, earning himself a defensive back position with the Ohio State University (OSU) Buckeyes from 1983 - 1986. As natural born leader, it was no surprise that that during his senior year, Sonny rose to become the team Captain leading the Buckeyes to the Cotton Bowl championship.

Following his time at OSU, Sonny was drafted to the NFL by the Cincinnati Bengals and went on to play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Sonny rounded out his career on the field in the CFL with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Just this year, Sonny was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). ALS is a progressive neurological disease where the nerve cells that connect your brain to your muscles (motor neurons) lose function and die resulting in progressive weakness. The diagnosis was a shock to Sonny and his family but in true Sonny fashion, he has approached this battle with relentless drive and positivity to fight this battle as hard as he can.

Sonny has without doubt always been there for us, and now it is our time to show up and be there for him and his family. These funds will help support the Gordon family as they continue their battle with ALS.

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