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We are dedicated to embracing people who have had a positive impact on society, who through their kindness, passion, and purposefulness, continue to raise the mark and make the world a more powerful place.


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In accordance with our mission to embrace people who raise the mark, in an effort to make the world a more powerful place, we’re pleased to honor Sonny Gordon as the 2022 Rays the Mark Foundation Honoree. Read more about Sonny’s inspirational story and the many contributions he has made throughout his career and lifetime.


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Seattle Friend Raiser Event

Saturday, October 8th, 2022, at 7 AM Start The Golf Club at New Castle

$300 per golfer donation is kindly requested with all proceeds going to The Rays The Mark Foundation


The story behind The Rays the Mark Foundation is one that continues to inspire individuals and professional organizations from every walk of life. Learn more about our origins, the people who make the foundation what it is today, and why so many continue to share our passion for supporting those who dedicate their life to enhancing the greater good.